Sunshine Mtn. Trails

The Sunshine Mtn. Trails - Click image for full size

The Sunshine Mtn. Trails – Click image for full size file

Sunshine Trails UPDATE: June 2013 Major logging operations have shut down the Sunshine trails for the next couple of months.

Sunshine Mountain lies just south of Bralorne, and is the location of the historic Bralorne ski hill and cabin.  A stiff 1300 foot climb leads to the cabin, and just beyond is the mountain bike descent, Alfigetti.  Hikers and hardy bikers can continue up the ATV trail to the alpine areas of the Cadwallader Range.

The Noel Creek FSR begins right in Bralorne, just behind the baseball diamond.  Follow the road across Cadwallader Creek and into the Noel valley.  Pass a older road on the left at about a kilometer from town, and continue on the Noel road until you break out into the first clear cut.  At about two km from town look on the left for a steep old mining road, and start your climb.  After a rough, washed out switchback the road climbs consistently to a small landing, where it switchbacks right towards the ski hill.  The road shortly breaks into the ski run and approaches the old cabin.

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Sunshine Mt. Alpine

Strong riders will have stayed on their bikes to this point, but beyond the cabin it becomes a push.  Fortunately, the bike descent, Alfigetti, lies only a couple of hundred meters uphill, right at the top of the ski run.  Alfigetti is a fast, flowing downhill that spits riders out on the Noel road.

Hikers and bikers who don’t mind pushing can continue for about 1 1/2 hours up the ATV trail right to the alpine areas of the Cadwallader Range.  From here excellent scrambles and mountaineering routes abound.

Sunshine Group, with Crazy Creek in Background

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